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Meet our Team

We're an eclectic team whose mission is to understand your vision and transform it into valuable pieces that will push your business forward.


Graphic Designer practicing for 9 years, lover of illustration and faithful believer that design and communication can make a positive change tangible.


Bolivian by birth, living in Colombia, she has studied Graphic Design at the Bolivian-German Technological Institute.

Eva, Graphic Designer with 9 years of experience


Experienced team player, Diamela is passionate about research, small businesses and communication.


She earned her Bachelor's Degree in Communications - Public Relations and Advertising from the University of Houston in 2009.  

Diamela, Experienced and passionate team player, leader of Marketing of All
Andrés, social media expert


Andres is our social media expert. He stays on top of the latest trends so that our clients don't fall behind.


Andres is an active social salsa dancer and a great team player. His skills come from active social media engagement and actively analyzing popular trends. 

Our Story

Marketing for All was inspired by the challenges that entrepreneurs face when hiring graphic design and marketing services for their small businesses. From our personal journey of hiring and working with freelancers and marketing companies, we understood that a full communications agency usually caters to established businesses, leaving us start ups and struggling entrepreneurs in our own. 

We feel that this should not be the case. Our ideal clients are start-up businesses whom we will help grow from zero to amazing. Our marketing projects, graphic design items and public relations content are available to all, both small and large enterprises. The idea of equality of importance no matter the size of the company has moved us from the start of Marketing for All.


Whether hiring us for branding design or press kit, you can be sure that our team will deliver top-notch designs, content and ideas. 

Green City Security Logo: A green silhouette of Houston Texas buildings.
RR11 Sports Talent Management Logo:
In the middle of the text there is a star with the USA flag, everything together has a grunge and sporty air.
Texas Venezuela Alliance Logo: A yellow heart with stars representing the similar elements of the flags of Venezuela and the USA.
La Chingada Logo: A Mexican Day of the Dead Catrina in magenta and orange colors.
Choroní Logo - Eco Adventures: A wave of color that represents the mountain, the blue sea, a daring explorer and the sun.
Logo Checkmate Surveillance Investigators, LLC: The figure of two chess pieces with a text: "Professional, Discrete, Confidential".

Our Values


We aim to create profit and value for our clients. We understand that small businesses fail due to solvency and cash flow issues.


Therefore, everything that we do aims at creating you profit and growing your business. 


We will give you the brutal truths; without sugar-coating results or exaggerating our effectiveness.


You will have in us an ethical, truthful partner who will clearly communicate expected results and will not generate uncertainty. 


We are in this business because we love the power of marketing and public relations.


We love to creatively communicate marketing messages through beautiful graphic design. Love for our trade and our customers is what keeps us running. 

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