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Website Design. 

Think big, bold and impressive. 

Website Samples

Your website is the virtual storefront of your business. It will be seen by potential customers, partners, allies, lenders, community leaders, news media, among other key influencers. Your website is your shot at making a great first impression and we understand that it must be a true reflection of your business and you. 

Even when social media has taken over, having a website is still extremely important. Our website design process is powered by Wix; we use their awesome website templates and adjust it to your wants and needs. There is no need for complicated, Wordpress/built from scratch websites that eventually get out of sync and require you to pay more to the website developer. Wix has beautiful, modern designs that we will customize to you, saving you time, money and headaches. 

  • Green City Security 

  • La Chingada 

  • Texas-Venezuela Alliance 

How does it work?









We develop the website as approved before and upload all the information and multimedia content.

We meet online to find out what your goals and desired style are for your website.  

We create a diagram of the website and draw each element to find out if it meets your needs. We adjust as many times as necessary. 

We present your website to you, correct any observations and publish it to your domain. 

Choose one of these packages


Live brief with the client

Web page design + domain or connection to an existing domain (On the Wix platform)

3 initial graphic style options to choose from

Creation of all the graphic and audiovisual content of the Web (Illustrations, vectors, photo retouching, videos, gifs, etc.)

Creation of textual content and general copies of the web (This can include the initial products and services, then the customer will be able to enter their own content or editing)

Responsive design (Adjusted for mobile use)

Linking to social networks The page comes with an SSL security certification, a chat personalized and 5 business emails

Instructional tutorial on the use of the web to edit and increase content whenever they want independently and easily

1 month warranty, where help or guidance can be requested to edit the web or add content


Basic Plan +

Design of a functional online store tailored to the client

​Categorized, attractive and easy-to-use organization of products


Editable and product catalog with templates for your detailed descriptions


Search functionality to allow users to search for specific products quickly and efficiently


Secure shopping cart and checkout


Opinions and reviews of customers incorporated into the web

Various payment options for the ease of customers


Basic Plan or E-commerce Plan +

Company logo creation (Includes 3 initial proposals)

Logo in all formats for use in print and digital content

Preparation of corporate manual

Basic business stationery design: Business cards + letterhead + signature for emails

Everything detailed is delivered only digitally


Why do we work with Wix? 

For its intuitive and easy-to-use interface: That is always our priority, we want our clients to be able to edit their website easily after delivery. We give them wings to fly free!


For its additional functionality: Wix has a wide range of applications and plugins that you can integrate into your page to add additional functionality.


For its user Support and Resources: Wix offers extensive technical support and educational resources, including tutorials, help articles, and an active online community. You will be able to solve any doubt or problem without having to call us or pay an extra penny.

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